[Abandoned] Story Idea ‘Guilty’

One unintentional slip-up and the perfect life falls apart…

Cody Simmons has been blessed with a special set of mutated genes that give him special powers. As the masked vigilante ‘Mutant’, he works with the local police to help against crime while fulfilling his hero fantasies… until the day he turns into the public enemy number one.

The right man at the wrong place…

Zackary Owens is just a nobody and he’s satisfied with this label. But when his hobby of capturing random things with the lens lead to devastating consequences, he finds himself as the biggest obstacle in bringing the truth to light.


[ABANDONED] Story Idea: Resented

This one never was a real possibility because I feel too unskilled to take up a task of this caliber.

Akshay Duggan has the perfect life, or so it seems. The riches and the fame have come across to the man of humble beginnings at a high cost. The social kid, one who loved to be with friends and relatives, is now a relationship phobic. So severe have his commitment issues grown that even when he meets someone worth settling down with, he can’t help but purposely sabotage it with little things… Until it all boils over and he is faced with an introspective intervention that uncovers a painful realization which reveals the real childhood behind the ideal memories.

Resentment becomes a poison embedded deep within one’s identity if not taken care of. And sometimes, it is already too late to heal the damage behind the scars when we begin.


In the [ABANDONED] zone, I have talked of two cancelled products so far. The first was the ‘CODENAME REJUVENATION’, a project that though possible, was beyond my capabilities. I had done the most I could do in that case and shared the idea on the web for any interested personality to read and share (and implement, if possible). The second was the ‘PROJECT REHABILITATION’, a fantastical project that I had come up with to deal with the two major present-day global issues of overpopulation and promotion of renewable sources of energy together. This time, I’m guilty  to admit, that the present entry is neither too fantastical nor too hard, if only I had tried.

And so, I welcome you to the 22nd post of Narrating The Dream, and the 3rd in the [ABANDONED] Zone where I will discuss the idea I had for a hoverboard, aptly titled (at least in my opinion) ‘CODENAME HOVER’. Continue reading


Overpopulation is becoming one of the major global issues. Countless population control policies, expansion of residential areas and other such methods are being carried out in various parts of the world. And being a global concern, this issue has raised thousands of voices and opinions from its huge population. Some are fantastical presently (like colonizing other habitable planets), some usable (land reclamation) while some are just crazy (bomb out cities and wipe out masses! <- Joking! Do NOT take seriously!). Obviously, this one took some attention of mine as well and the idea I had is a mix between the first two. And it is the fantastical nature of my idea (plus the high expense that prohibits everyone without huge funds to work with) that has marked this into the [ABANDONED] category.

Welcome to the 17th post of Narrating The Dream and it is time for the second of the [ABANDONED] category posts. A concept that would have not only taken care of the population issues but also of environment care and proper utilization of energy resources. I called it 'PROJECT REHABILITATION'. Continue reading


There are things that we all want to do. But sometimes, the restrictions the reality bind us in can put a hold in achieving these goals. I have had many ideas, most of which were sadly just fantastical. It is unfortunate that I didn’t have an insight of writing them down before they faded away from me. So when this idea came to me and failed, I decided to write this down before it faded away as well.

Welcome to the third post of Narrating the Dream and here, I will discuss the project that was terminated before it even took a single breath of existence. A project that would make everyone realize what they really are worth, that would make them realize what they ignore. Continue reading