[POTENTIAL] The Motivators

Do you know someone who is occasionally demotivated or just can’t get back up? Do you know someone who would appreciate the words of encouragement? Do you think as well that we all perk up when a stranger complements us?

This was the core idea behind the entire cooperative ‘The Motivators’. Every day a new motivation would have been posted in the general section, with relevant new posts also being made in different other sections. Originally imagined as a for-profit organization, I later revised the idea to make it a community based project in which anyone (with sufficient training on providing positive reinforcement) can be a part of the community who can broadcast himself/herself as one of The Motivator who will be there to help the distressed.

But I lost the motivation to work on it myself. Ironic, huh?

So I decided to spread the idea so someone else may start it.

My only request is that you remember to keep it free. Because these words of help should not be tainted by the mark of cost. The entire desired impact will be countered. This means that we can only have volunteers and nothing more.


[POTENTIAL] See the truth

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this is another post outlining the potential usage of virtual reality. This time, the usage is in the judicial system.
In any criminal case, it is hard to get the true version of the accused revealed with complete certainty. You can never be sure if what you see is really the truth or what they are telling you.

But what if there was a way? If the virtual reality immersion can be done based on the accused’s memories –  in a manner that it is not easily detectable – so that the person really believes he/she is free to be his/her real self.

There will be issues in emulating the real world and the doubt will surely exist regarding the authenticity of the person’s act but it has as much potential for successful confession as a psych evaluation to judge the person’s reliability.

[POTENTIAL] The remembered face

The present trending architectural design is to go for the reflecting mirrors. This has been so overdone recently that almost all buildings now feel like giant mirrors. Is it then time for a new design to replace the glass?

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time,  I have a proposal for the next architectural design now that the novelty of glass buildings has started to be worn out.

My suggestion to replace the front mirrors with a painting,  or sculpture of the face of a person worth remembering. There are so many people all over the world who deserve recognition for their deeds yet are forgotten unless somehow accidentally remembered.

So why not replace the boring glasses now with an occasional face (like one in every fifty buildings, perhaps?) of a person worth remembering. Granted, this won’t the make sense to people initially (like “Why do I have to work in his face?”) but in the unawares,  the sight might tempt them into looking for information about the represented person and why they got that privilege.

Now, the downside. By giving face to the buildings, we are effectively making them prone to disrespect. Buildings won’t stay in their pristine conditions forever and if they ever get damaged, it would inspire mockery and outrage rather than curiosity and respect. Then there would also be an issue of outrage and protests of the descendants who won’t see this as respect.

So what’s the way out? Glass front with (semi-transparent) painted faces?

[POTENTIAL] A different kind of shaming

In the previous sixty one posts on this place, I have written and talked about several things, ranging from the silly to the clueless to the advisory to the hopeful to the regretful but never have I attempted a post on a topic that has the potential to go as wrong as this post can. Nor will I ever, I think, I will find myself in this situation when all it takes is one misinterpretation for everything to go wrong in the worst possible way. And I don’t say these words lightly while setting the stage for this post on this place.

Welcome to the 62nd post of Narrating The Dream and this time, it is not hard to realize that the category of [POTENTIAL] suits the theme of the post perfectly in a time when the entire world is against this word that they have, rightfully at present, associated with a negative definition. My topic? Promoting disrespect shaming. If you want to leave, you probably would have closed the browser tab or backed out of this page before your eyes even drifted to the start of this sentence. So if you are reading this, I know that you are curious if I mean what the above implies. And yes, yes I do. Continue reading


“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink.”

Water is such a precious, yet highly disrespected, commodity on the planet. On the one hand, people are making declarations that World War 3 will be for drinking water while on the other hand, countless people waste it as if there aren’t others suffering for a single drop to drink. So the obvious question would arise: Is there nothing that can be done?

Welcome to the 59th post of Narrating The Dream and this time I’ll be presenting a partnership idea here that sounds deceptively simple but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to implement. Continue reading