Happy birthday to this place… and me!

Happy birthday!

This place has been a wonderful medium for me to let most of my different parts out in the open. And now, on the second birthday of this blog, I would like to thank you, READERS, for trying out whatever nonsensical thing I spoke over.

I haven’t posted recently – the unplugged world is way too busy right now – but I assure you that whatever happens, I will return here.

I probably always will.

Oh, and happy birthday to me too!


(Cop-out) I want comments!

This one is most definitely a cop-out in my intention of providing quality posts daily but the lack of any response is quite disheartening. (Do not take this the wrong way. I love the likes!)

So for today’s post, all I would post about is the one paragraph.

It is said that the best way to be happy is to spread happiness.

So today, I request all who read this post (doesn’t matter what date it is when you read this) to make a comment. I don’t care where or what kind of comment (as long as it is not hurtful) you make. Just make one. Because to you, it may just be a comment. But for the receiver, it may be a reason to smile through a sad day or a much needed wake up call or even a reason to get up from bed. Because every comment is like a proof that you aren’t just wasting time yelling at uninhabited mountains just to hear your echo. It means that your words reach someone and they are letting you know what a pleasure (or annoyance) it is to hear from you and what you should think about next.

Building a Brand

In an online interview I read of Nick Bateman, there was a question of how he attained so much popularity in just over a year. His response:

Let’s talk about your epic social media presence.
I started it about a year and a half ago. I realized that if you’re smart with it, it’s something entertaining for people to follow. I’ve always treated my Instagram like a TV show. I make sure I post everyday so people get an inside view on my life, whether I’m working, hanging at home with my dog, or traveling, I’d always try to post something so that people knew what’s going on in my life. It grew rapidly for me.

Source: Fashionweekdaily.com

And so, though I had started the search for the news about the movie adaptation of the book ‘Ugly Love’ by Colleen Hoover, I now had a perfect guide on how to build my own personal brand. (It’s supposed to come by 2017, if you’re curious.)

Though I am 25 days late in starting a New Year Resolution and most certainly no model (or even with intention or hope of being one), I have decided to make a post daily. Most, if not all, will be articles since I am not a regular photographer.

But well, this is an experiment. And let’s see where it leads me.

(And yes, this post is it for today.)

Going on Bloglovin

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12788861/?claim=vj3xmed4u3k”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Yup, this entire short post is being made just for having that link above posted on this place. Bloglovin is like a wide database of blogs that people have shared for others to find and discover. I cannot think of an example to explain what it is so you would have to see it to understand. (And don’t worry, registration is free).

I really don’t have anything ready for posting right now (though several ideas exist). And I cannot guarantee any posts until February 23rd. Sorry about that, still, hope to talk more soon.

Just Making Something Clear

This post will offend some, this post will be rude to some (probably the same folks) and to some others (I hope) this post would be an acceptable explanation. The rest? I don’t know. I would like you to be in the third category.

Just because I have a blog here doesn’t mean I will be devoting every second of my life to it. In the time since June 26, I have written several posts for the blog on paper but haven’t been able to post them to maintain my schedule. I apologize for that. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

I never promised anything regarding my frequency for posting stuff but I will try to maintain a bi-weekly pattern. There would be posts that might not fit into this pattern or times when I don’t post at all. Just know that if it is the former case, I couldn’t wait to talk about it and if it is the latter, then I had nothing to talk about yet.

That’s it, then. Take care you all.