[TV Show/Opinion] Castle Cancellation

Castle, a show I loved for the first seven years and didn’t return to for the 8th season after the terrible premiere reviews, ended its run this Monday. And considering all the mess it went through offstage and the last scene transition, I’m conflicted… Like countless others, undoubtedly.

The reason I got attached to Castle was the single observation Castle made in the first episode (“There’s always a story”) and I was curious about Beckett’s before the pilot ended. The humor and the romance (or the frustration of the “will they-won’t they”) also kept me engaged as a loyal fan.

So when Stana Katic’s departure was announced (along with another beloved Ms Jones), I honestly believed that ending the story would be the right thing to do. After all, the meaningless logic of LokSat and the split went off like a crazy speculation of Castle. (Captain Gates sudden departure didn’t help the premiere as well.) All the reasons to stick around were disappearing.

The result of the huge backlash was obvious. ABC cancelled it.

And then that series finale aired. Considering that final scene, I refuse to accept that the show runners really crafted the season with the possibility that the season finale might also have to become a series finale (which was also the scenario of season 7 and that reminds me of the reason that situation rose. Ugh, the tragedy of Castle disappearance arc: it just didn’t get necessary thought and attentive writing and simply attempted last-minute coverups). That last scene transition was so badly crafted that I really thought that it was something like an afterlife. What I am trying to say is that I didn’t like it.

It felt too convenient. Too much like a coward’s way out (though the show runners aren’t so because they did stick with whatever they came up with despite fans’ protests).

Though I am glad that Castle didn’t get ahead with a key player missing, I would really like to believe that there’s something really special that we lost out on… Because this end, this confusing mess, is not an ending. Sadly, it’s just a last-minute attempt to prepare a just-in-case scenario.


What’s happening behind the scenes?

It has been a quiet month or so on here and so I wanted to let you know what’s brewing.

Sadly, it’s not even coffee.

It’s exam time for me for this past month and still will be so for this month as well. I am extremely busy and this is why I have been away.

But I have also started going to a gym (day 10 today) and instead of losing weight, I gained weight. So, there’s that.

There will be a very incoherent post coming soon this way, I suspect, as the end of all this hits. But let’s get to that when I get there.