Story Idea – Eclipsed

I won’t be taking this one on, most probably, so if you want it, take it. Just do comment here to tell me you are.

“My name is Amy Dawson. But ask anyone in my quiet and not-so-little town about Amy Dawson and they’ll say, ‘Amy who?’

You should have asked them about ‘The Fearless Amelia'”.

For the past twenty-five years of her life, Amy has been living under the shadow of her ten years old self who became a town hero. People always saw ‘The Fearless Amelia’ instead of her and had expectations that the plain old Amy kept falling short of.

So when she is accused of still living in the past while trying to help out her town still preserve its soul against the destructive demands of progress, Amy will have to find acceptance between the two contrasting sides of her: the hero and the girl who got consumed in the hero’s shadow.


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