Snippet | “Stop Crying”

This one is brutal. Please do not read if you can’t stomach abuse scenes. It may not be a strong scene but it is still not for children.

The girl let out an ugly sounding sob, barely trying to hide it from anyone. He stared at her from the door, flinching but not moving. “Please do control yourself.” He spoke in a careless manner, not reacting even when she flinched away at his tone.

“Just stop crying.” Chills ran down her spine as he spoke in a creepy voice, as if trying to make a bad imitation of a child’s voice.

She sucked in a breath too sharply and choked on it, unable to help as more tears fell. She shivered in fear, not even caring to hide her body’s responses from him. But still, for him, she tried to control herself.

“Thank you.” He spoke warmly, as if she had passed him food on dinner table and not controlled her tears, and then waited. With no response, he repeated in an stern tone. “Thank you.”

She trembled in realization and opened her mouth but to him, it was already too late.” My, my… Twenty years old and still no manners.” He spoke as if he was just a gossip discussing her lack of manners behind her back.

He didn’t even stumble in his words as the girl screamed. He had turned on the light switch of the basement, which he had rigged to have an unprotected wire use its electricity on the ground. He didn’t even flinch as the girl’s own urine became the conductive medium for her electric shock.

She screamed and she cried. All her middle-aged abuser did was hold his hand on the power switch to keep electrocuting her as he repeatedly spoke in his creepy imitation.

“Just stop crying. Please don’t cry.”


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