Nothing significant today

There won’t be a meaningful post today because my pre-planned post on the three lettered question ‘Why’ fell apart due to lack of ideas


Because I got a second chance for something that was lost. But still, I must give something. I hope you enjoy the following.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked from behind his table and though I wanted to punch that smugness he was barely hiding, I knew I mustn’t. I was the one who had more to lose here. “There won’t be a third chance. Not for your colleagues, not for your juniors, no one.”
I could barely keep the anger from leaking into my voice. “Of course sir, I understand.” I failed though because his eyes narrowed. Or maybe it was my facial expressions that gave me away.

“Go on then. This lifting of the ban from contacting people is all the favor I will give you.” My anger surged to new levels and I turned before he saw it. I and my entire group of 124 colleagues had to get 85 new clients for ourselves in the final 60 days, which were already not in the most optimum time period.

I didn’t thank him, like I normally did with everyone else. I walked away as fast as I could and then began to run when I could. I ran out of the building and though I wanted to, I didn’t let out the scream I was holding within. I would never let it out now, I knew that, but repressing the negative was a small price.

“I have a second chance now. I won’t fail. Even if I don’t succeed, I won’t give up trying.” I promised myself. And then I pulled out my phone and began to inform others of this turn of events.

“We got a second chance


I know. For most of you it may not feel relatable. But sometimes, the unspoken matters.


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