The different forms of that ‘One Last Thing’ to push us through


It’s different for everyone, with a lot of variables in the overall situation – like purpose or source.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this (short) post is all about the different types of motivation we seek/find in our desire to succeed.

Motivation is something all of us seek at one point of time or another. And more often than not, we do find it – even if the level of boost it provides is insufficient. This observation got me thinking about how we can call these in different levels.

Level 1: Self motivated/ Interested in the work.
Level 2: The Ones who find it in Motivational videos.
Level 3: The Ones who find them in reading up on successes of people.
Level 4: The Ones who need conversations to be motivated.
Level 5: The Ones who just can’t find the motivation.

Can you add more groups? I have tried to divide them in simpler distinctions with increasing levels of difficulty in motivated and do not think they require any explanation.

Also, one last thing is that we need to acknowledge the fact that often the different tasks ask for different levels of motivation.

Got anything more to add?


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