Truth of Lies

Feel the blindfold burn
Small lights peeking through
Everything’s too bright, sensory overload
Everything’s real, it’s the truth of lies.

The masks fall away
The monsters of us unveiled
See the ruin we choose not to see
See the ugly side of your reality.

People lie,
Emotions die,
What’s true,  what’s right?
Look at self fall, not fly.

Believe is what they say
But doesn’t it have a lie as well?
Trust is what they ask
But haven’t they heard, once bitten twice shy?

Seeking the lie of truth
Building fortresses of glass
One strike is all you’ve got
Truth of your lies shall come pouring out.

Rely on none
Suspect everyone
The slingshot’s taut
Prepare for your kingdom’s fall.

This is the truth of lies.
What you see just ain’t right.
Fooling the senses, fooling your mind,
What would you do when the truth comes out?

Fall apart, start again.
Scarred from the light,  crawl back in the dark.
Would you start again?
Or are you too weak to expose the mark?

Break apart,
Rebuild again.
Would you choose the truth
Or would you rather lie?

This is the truth of lies.
Nobody’s brave, everybody lies.
This is the lie of truths.
They’ll pull you down, never set you free and high.

This is the truth of lies.
Every angel’s light hides its dark.

This is the truth of lies.
If you don’t like this, just close your eyes.

This is the truth of lies.
Just stay blind, passing responsibility.
Fool yourself, tell the ultimate lie.
Next time will be better, you cry once blind


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