Won’t you?

Feel that breeze passing you by.
Touching your skin on the sly.
It is an open embrace.
Let it whisper in your ears
The truths left unsaid.

Won’t you share the pain?
Won’t you let go of your burdens?
We are bleeding to help you.
Won’t you let us in?

In this long journey through the dark,
You don’t have to walk alone.
Look up and you’ll see it’s true.
Even the moon has the stars
For every single night.

Won’t you smile a little?
To brighten up the night.
Won’t you move on from your loss?
Won’t you let us help you heal?

Do not hide your tears
For we are here for you.
We’ll convert every single one of them
Into pearls like none ever seen before.
So never hide, we’ll always be here for you.

Won’t you let yourself laugh?
Come see someone beautiful emerge?
Won’t you rise from your grief?
Won’t you let us support you in need?

This is an end for us all.
But this is not the final end.
Embrace the new beginning,
Let’s go on a new journey
Achieve things previously unimagined.

Won’t you open to new experiences?
Fulfill your wildest dreams?
Won’t you fly again with no fear of a fall?
Will you let us be there to see you shine?

Won’t you?
Won’t you?
Won’t you?


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