[FICTION] Tomorrow series 2 | The Prisoner

‘There’s always a story.’ I recall my own words of a time as different as Heaven and Hell. That, of course, was my Heaven. But this is worse than any Hell.
“The court finds you guilty.” I tune out the rest as these five words keep ringing in my head. guilty. Guilty. GUILTY! “Ah!” I jump up on my bed with a scream, my heart still pumping wildly in response to the nightmare.

“Keep it down in there!” A guard yells from out there somewhere and I wonder why he’s still here and not back in his home. This shout is in reply to the crude commentary that starts in response to my screams. Part of me is disgusted by them while another is terrified. Once the idea is there, how long before they respond?

Slap! The sudden physical contact finds no resistance and I fall under its impact, knocking my head violently against the drab gray wall of the cell. “I warned you. Your charge of insider trading is like stealing a lollipop from a baby in front of what we have done.” The gruff voice of my cell mate reminds me of his previous warning. “A next time will make those shouts outside a reality.”

I cower, knowing there’s no hope of any mercy from this bulky hardened criminal. ‘Don’t even think of fighting back. You’re too weak right now.’ But the fear is too strong to just accept this new reality. The night, or what is left of it, is a waste now. There would be no sleeping.

“How will I survive these five years?” I ask without making a sound. The prison cell offers me no reply. I am absolutely terrified of what the future will bring, after the crude explicit comments from both the prisoners and the officers.

“Can’t I just flip through the pages of this chapter and just be done with this place?”

“If tomorrow comes… I don’t even know what I want.”

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