[POTENTIAL] The Motivators

Do you know someone who is occasionally demotivated or just can’t get back up? Do you know someone who would appreciate the words of encouragement? Do you think as well that we all perk up when a stranger complements us?

This was the core idea behind the entire cooperative ‘The Motivators’. Every day a new motivation would have been posted in the general section, with relevant new posts also being made in different other sections. Originally imagined as a for-profit organization, I later revised the idea to make it a community based project in which anyone (with sufficient training on providing positive reinforcement) can be a part of the community who can broadcast himself/herself as one of The Motivator who will be there to help the distressed.

But I lost the motivation to work on it myself. Ironic, huh?

So I decided to spread the idea so someone else may start it.

My only request is that you remember to keep it free. Because these words of help should not be tainted by the mark of cost. The entire desired impact will be countered. This means that we can only have volunteers and nothing more.

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