On a new journey…

Mozart said, “Let’s go on a journey.”

In this life, we all keep struggling to deal with our weaknesses and improve our strengths. And, among other journeys, I think that it is time to accept that THIS is the perfect time for a new journey.

It is not exactly a new journey actually but one that I have given up on several times now. It is hard to accept the internal demons when I am so used to improving other parts of me so that I can be better. But even I cannot deny anymore that this weakness is always dragging me down.

I’m not fit.

(Honestly I feel like a self-absorbed person –  more so than regular while making a post – in the way I typed that above.) And the serious lack of any motivation to be fit has been the cause of my weakness from stopping it from tearing away at my self-esteem. I realize that something has to be done now before it is too late. And so, I have started on this journey to be healthy. (With hopes that I do not fall off the wagon again.)

And this is my day 1 declaration.


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