Book Review: The Last Round by Emmy L. Montez

Title: The Last Round
Author: Emmy L. Montez
This relatively short book highlights the the journey of a couple’s relationship through fame and it’s dark consequences. Presented in alternating point of views of the main couple Julian and Natalia Rios, the story is about their separation and subsequent journey back to each other while also presenting their back story when fame hadn’t hit them. And though back stories normally disrupt the flow of a story, here no such thing happens due to the amazing writing skills of the author.

The characters are realistic in their actions, instincts and thoughts and except a minor bump in this regard (which was probably done to mention yet another plot point that was never really followed up on), the story is like the perfect backdrop for a movie. The words flow smoothly through the pages, suspending the reader in some place between being a third person observer and the first person character who is actually going through all this. And the position is quite comfortable for me.

The reason I picked up the book was the very simple reason that the main quote on the book cover interested me.

I have faxed the toughest men in the ring. But I never thought my biggest challenge would be to win her back.

Now, isn’t that interesting?


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