(Cop-out) I want comments!

This one is most definitely a cop-out in my intention of providing quality posts daily but the lack of any response is quite disheartening. (Do not take this the wrong way. I love the likes!)

So for today’s post, all I would post about is the one paragraph.

It is said that the best way to be happy is to spread happiness.

So today, I request all who read this post (doesn’t matter what date it is when you read this) to make a comment. I don’t care where or what kind of comment (as long as it is not hurtful) you make. Just make one. Because to you, it may just be a comment. But for the receiver, it may be a reason to smile through a sad day or a much needed wake up call or even a reason to get up from bed. Because every comment is like a proof that you aren’t just wasting time yelling at uninhabited mountains just to hear your echo. It means that your words reach someone and they are letting you know what a pleasure (or annoyance) it is to hear from you and what you should think about next.


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