Distinctly Familiar

There are classic tales and stories that have passed through the communities over the ages. Some are very popular while others, so far, haven’t gotten the recognition they are due. But things are changing… and the stories are getting a modern spin on them as well. And just like that, the childhood is being revisited in form of these stories that now have new chapters beyond the ‘happily ever after’.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time, it is post to acknowledge how our classics are evolving to add new chapters.

When we read the classics, it wasn’t hard to identify that there are some good people and some bad people. And that the good wins. But can good really be always good? The temptations aren’t irresistible, after all.

And this is where the extensions come. Because while the originals are good for moral lessons for the young, they only invite out inner critics to scorn them for being so idealistic. And that’s where the retelling steal the spotlight.

Whether it be ABC’s Once Upon A Time TV show (which, to be honest, often resorts to absurd plots) or books like Cruel Beauty (which is the only title I remember at the time), they present a more flawed character… Someone more relatable. Sure the story has the same end but it is the human behaviour that keeps us going because we know that these aren’t always gonna moan about being good or bad since no one’s clearly black or white.

This post will go into rant mode soon so I end this here. My point is… We as ‘slightly disbelieving in being always good’ folks certainly find lost hope in such retelling which show that despite straying a little, it isn’t impossible to have your happily ever after.


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