Fear That Gives Men (and Women) Wings

There are two kinds of fear, in my opinion. One is the kind which binds you, paralyzes you and makes you unwilling to take another step in a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable. It is, however, not bad. Because it gives you a measure of your own strength and empowers you to be as close to your desired version of self as possible. But that’s not what this fear is about. That is not the fear this post is about.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time, it’s a post acknowledging the importance of the fear that, aptly named in video game Max Payne, gives men wings.

So, what exactly is this kind of fear? Think of the situation in this way. A man is very scared to walk on a pipe connecting the roof of two tall buildings but will not hesitate in doing so if his child is in danger. A soldier, if she has left anyone at home waiting for her, is motivated to be reunited and will do her best to get out of whatever situation she is stuck in. So, with these examples in reference, it becomes quite easy to understand the convoluted definition I came up with. The kind of fear that pushes you forward to fight against all odds, that gives you strength when your own strength seems to be failing you, that motivates you to keep on going because the alternative is absolutely unacceptable… That’s the fear that gives people wings, that is, makes them able to do things others won’t dare to try.

Just like the kind of fear that paralyzes you, it has both good things and bad things attached to it. The positives are above and the negatives now follow. For the untrained and/or overconfident, it is way to easy to have judgement impaired and to rush blindly into routes that are better left alone. Too dependent on their fears or survival instincts, they just might head into scenarios from which there can be no escape.

And so though the fear is more often than not a hurdle to overcome, it is more often than not also a barrier that we must accept to reach our destination in an acceptable way.


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