Snippet | Face Your Fears

“Control yourself!” I scream at the scared face in front of me. There is anger and fear present on his face but both are overshadowed by the anguish. I know the feeling. I have been here before and undoubtedly I will be here again. I cannot not understand it.

“But the fear… What if the worst happens? For so long I have tried to avoid this, then why can’t I continue to do so?”

“Because you are being torn up inside about this indecision.” I remind him. “You can’t let it go. And let’s say the worst happens, what is it exactly you fear? It is not as if failure would be fatal.”

“But what about the disappointment? The letdown? The waste that spent time and effort will become? I won’t lie and say it is perfect because there is always scope for improvisation. ”

“You are wasting even more time being scared. And you disappoint everyone by refusing to believe in your work.” I point out. “So tell me, why shouldn’t you just go there and present your idea? I hate to be clich├ęd but we both know that question, no? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Imagine yourself enjoying the benefits of not being afraid and you won’t be afraid anymore.”

“You’re right. Yes, of course you are right.”

“Then let’s go now.” With that, I splash my face and then wipe it down. Drying my hands, I announce to my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“It’s MAZE time! Let’s face the fear.”


(Good for you if you can identify the ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ references. )