Yet another original snippet

Do you know something about this mass funeral? It’s a tragedy really, and I mean that in terms deeper than this event being a mass funeral.  Do you know? Let me tell you then.

The biggest tragedy was that they believed they would make it through.  They had no doubt of their success and all the deceased could have bet their lives on the success.

But they forgot the humanity of it all. They forgot that even as the claims of a united front were made, they were being defeated. They wanted to save the world. But they couldn’t even save themselves.

It was a simple idea really. To heal one person at a time, to begin with, and with others who would be inspired to join, the world would be a better place. If only they had healed themselves first. It was inevitable really that the group broke apart into pieces.

Jealousy, anger, lies, deception… They rot the core of it all and none could escape its impact. Even as the hate settled deep in their bones, they couldn’t let go of the far stronger bonds for a clean break. That way, the bonds, though scarred, may have survived. But the group refused to let go of each other and, along with the bonds, they doomed themselves as well.

And the craziness born out of the chaos ate away at all of them. It was only this end possible for us then. I was too drunk on the chaos and on the temporary comfort of having false support that I didn’t even try to salvage the group. I am as guilty as others in destroying everything we could have been. And this is my sorrow.

Because ultimately, we did intend to do something good. And now, as we watch our own funerals, we can do nothing but realize how stupid we were.

This is our purgatory. To watch everything fall apart further in every way we feared… This is our punishment. To be able to do nothing… This is our torture.

This is our afterlife.


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