[Fiction] Tomorrow 5|Impatient

Seriously. Language Alert!

“Babe, what did we discuss about calling each other on our wedding eve?” I can just imagine her grinning on the other side in response.

“Never fucking imagined that I would be so addicted to being with you by now.” I reply, my voice not at all hiding how deeply I want her with me. “No plans for ever curing that addiction but sure as hell didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to sit still. So… fuck whatever shit we decided then.”

Her laughter on the other side only makes my self-control slip further. “You know how much I love you cursing and being like this but really, have a little patience. I promise, tomorrow will be very much unbearable if you keep this up.” There is a naughtiness in her voice and I don’t even bother hiding the groan as I remember the things she gets up to when she’s like this.

“Don’t tempt me. Or I will kidnap you and we would elope to get married before the clock strikes twelve.” I warn her. “And then we will have to deal with the shit everyone would be burying us in.” I pause before adding. “Not that I wouldn’t have deserved it, though. Still won’t like it. So girl, have control.”

There’s only laughter on the other side before it abruptly stops and a question arrives. “How did you get free enough to call me? I thought the boys had to keep you busy today.”

I smirk, remembering how it happened and laying it all out to her. “Let’s just say that the rest of the males of the family aren’t very pleased with me. They almost glued the phone into my ear with your number permanently dialed just so I would stop bitching and ruining the mood.”

“Yup, that sounds like you all. And you might have realized this when I picked up the phone near instantly but I was calling you too. The ladies aren’t pleased either.” She sounds delighted at her confession. I can’t blame her though, I am just as delighted. My girl can’t stay away either.

“We are gonna get a lot of shit, aren’t we?” I question her and she giggles. “Seriously, fucking worth the trouble to talk with you. Though no guarantees of what will be the damage if the thin patience breaks.”

“Only eleven hours till the wedding babe. Put all the patience you have to use. It’s nearly midnight now.” She teases. “Try some sleep. I don’t want you dead on your feet tomorrow.”

Girl, even dead on my feet, I will be up for the entire day tomorrow.” I lower my voice just enough to get the double entendre across. Her gasp and the small moan that comes across is the response and I can’t help but have my ego stroked by that.

“Oh babe, you have no idea what you just earned yourself. I dare you to be patient now. Just remember to check under your pillow before you go to bed.” She might have said more but right that moment, as if synchronized, the doors begin to bang, both of my room here and of hers there on the other side of the phone. “Seriously?” She whines and then, surprisingly, turns on the charm. “Remember. When you go to sleep, check under your pillow.”

“If that tone didn’t burn away the last remnants of my patience, I have no doubt that whatever she kept below surely will.” I speak to the now disconnected call. The door bangs again but I make no move to open it.

“Go to sleep already, bro. Or sis would kill me tomorrow.” My soon-to-be brother-in-law yells from the other side of the door. I can’t antagonize him from before the wedding. I can’t antagonize my soon-to-be yet another brother. I mentally chant before giving in to the urge.

His laughter is only even more frustrating. “Remember that your turn will come as well.” The laughter only gets louder.

Recognizing that as the last call for reminding me to try sleeping as well, I strip for bed and slip under the covers. Though even before I land on the mattress, I have moved my pillow away.

The string of curses that I then let loose is so crude that even I could bleach my tongue. There’s no denying that she did this to torture me. Leaving this list of exactly what she wants from the married couple of us during our reception.

Closing my eyes, I try to push away the images of her suggestions and try to fall back to sleep. A peek at the clock shows that it’s will be midnight soon now.

“When tomorrow comes,” I promise to myself, “I’ll make sure that vixen pays for trying to torture me.”


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