[Fiction] Tomorrow 2|Greedy

I toy with my newest possession as I lay down in bed. Resisting the urge to throw it across the room in boredom, I have to force myself to carefully put it down. Now that’s a record. Three hours is all it took for you to get bored of this. What now?

The boredom instinctively urges me and I comply its demand to stretch. The smooth gliding motion of the bare skin on the velvet makes me emit an uncontrolled moan of pleasure as I stretch my muscles to try stopping the lethargy from lulling me to sleep. Outside, the night sky glimmers like a jewellery laden portrait through the tinted windows and can’t help myself as I reach out to the nightstand and pick up the latest digital camera that is gracing the market. The quiet of the place is broken by its snaps and I smile at how well they are now documented. And now, the sky’s mine too. I can see this sky anytime I want, just like the countless others I have saved.

But when have you ever bothered to even glance at them again? I curb my irritation at this question posed by my mind and shake it off. But it isn’t that easy and still it lingers. “Because once you have it, the novelty of it wears off. It’s just another generic thing I have and to sate this desire of having the exquisite items, I need the new ones. I just have to have that new piece that’s barely landed in the market.” Before it can pose any more questions, I begin ignoring it.

I think about this boring place I live in and wonder if those new apartments mentioned in the papers today really is as great as advertised. To some, this place I live in would be worth at least a billion with all the furniture and accessories that is present in here but to me, it is all nothing.

At the mention of money, my thoughts turn to unpleasant roads of the past and I can clearly remember the dark days when everyone just hated me. I mean, sure I bought a new watch rather than the food rations but so what? Couldn’t we manage? And the watch sure did look amazing on me so what’s the loss if I took a little of the household money? The way I see it, haven’t I earned the right to enjoy the money just as much as others? The people in this house are way better dressed and accessorized than any other and still they complain about my spending. Haven’t I brought fame and recognition to our name? There will always be a few haters who laugh behind other people’s back.

A sigh that erupts breaks me from my train of thought and I scowl as I realize that all it did was remind me of how terrible of a life I lived. Honestly, those people should have thanked me as I left my dull and poor husband and the dirty, annoying little brats to their life in the rags. I have now all I ever needed, and will always have more to buy things with. With that, I pick up a shopping magazine and scour the pages for the next worthy addition to this place. After some time of browsing, I pick a watch that is a newer model of the one that revealed the truth about my family. I smile upon reading how they are offering discounts for buying one early. Perfect. Today was so far a waste of time but maybe I can change things now.

And as I begin to order it, my mind drifts back to the significance of the date. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day I escaped my prison. And I will never be back there again. Feeling sleep now almost about to overcome me, I speak out loud to my heaven.

“When tomorrow comes, I will be ready to have the new and amazing so that I am always being the center of pleasant attention.”


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