Building a Brand

In an online interview I read of Nick Bateman, there was a question of how he attained so much popularity in just over a year. His response:

Let’s talk about your epic social media presence.
I started it about a year and a half ago. I realized that if you’re smart with it, it’s something entertaining for people to follow. I’ve always treated my Instagram like a TV show. I make sure I post everyday so people get an inside view on my life, whether I’m working, hanging at home with my dog, or traveling, I’d always try to post something so that people knew what’s going on in my life. It grew rapidly for me.


And so, though I had started the search for the news about the movie adaptation of the book ‘Ugly Love’ by Colleen Hoover, I now had a perfect guide on how to build my own personal brand. (It’s supposed to come by 2017, if you’re curious.)

Though I am 25 days late in starting a New Year Resolution and most certainly no model (or even with intention or hope of being one), I have decided to make a post daily. Most, if not all, will be articles since I am not a regular photographer.

But well, this is an experiment. And let’s see where it leads me.

(And yes, this post is it for today.)


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