The Faces Of Us (v1)

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this is the first two-part post with the common title of ‘The Faces We Have’. This post is about the disconnect we feel with our past selves. The second part will be over our actions, thoughts and overall personality that we present to different people.
Time changes everything. Have you ever felt as if staring at a stranger when looking at an old picture of a younger you? Don’t you wonder where the person went? More often that this person we once we’re had completely different personality and is now absolutely missing from our personality. Most of us change so much from our early years that this ‘detachment’ is more than likely to happen.
But have we really changed for the better? Or is it for worse? It is often in an attempt of reconnecting with past self that we remember dreams and passions that we somehow let go of. The past self certainly had some advantages, most easily observable being an absence of the baggage we got attached to in the intermediate years. Yes,  it can be argued, that they had the opportunity to be naive and more daring because they hadn’t been scared by the fears yet but in the same vein, isn’t it right to say that our experiences make us more likely to be having more resources for it? The youth may be a lost advantage but it can be easily seen that we still have the potential.
And, so despite having the lost that face again with time, we have a chance of achieving the unfulfilled dreams and desires of the past if we try to make our future face a combination of two. To those who claim responsibilities as a reason, I would point out that they are just excuses for they are easily honorable without compromising the attempts.
At the same time, I must also accept that not everyone has a past better than the present. To them, I would request to try something to make sure it doesn’t happen to someone else.
In that same vein, I must note that not all the desires of the past can be fulfilled anymore. This doesn’t mean those people should give up. There would always be young people who would want similar things in life as well.  If you can involve yourself in their journey so that they can, in a responsible way (that is, not take this gift for granted), have a shot at this, please do. After all, wouldn’t you have appreciated it?

So how will you honor your past self?


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