It’s All Relative

There was an old post of mine, ‘The Other Side of the Coin’, that dealt with how sometimes we misinterpret a situation because of our personal biases. Does this mean people always lie on a particular side in any discussion? Obviously, no.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time I am discussing how one man’s alliances keep changing with situations and how hard it becomes for people in being sure of being unbiased.

From what it appears, it feels like being unbiased is an impossible dream. We are too deeply carved by our experiences and thoughts to ever be able to hold ourselves from not affecting our words and choices by them. It becomes even worse when sometimes we make a wrong decision due to our biases and then are too doubtful of our own skill of making decisions. Sadly, being right is no better for it increases the chances of us being wrong the next time more likely.

At the same time, these influences also decide how we react to different situations and what we do in them. It makes us as unpredictable as any other person. It is undoubtedly correct to say that everyone makes mistakes. And it so happens that the choices we make are all contributions to the personality assessment we may get.

I am not implying that people should start to make decisions for favorable opinions. Nor am I saying that we should make such assessments. It is far easier said than done, though. So what am I saying? (I am confused!)

I guess I am trying to say that we have no need to define people. Everyone can be as right as they can be wrong and every word can be as true as it can be false. So, while it feels impossible (and sounds like preaching), we should always try to not be judgmental. For there is a saying I came across once that I will use to end this post.

Do not judge a person’s choice of action if you do not know what options there had been available.


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