The Faces of Us (v2)

Welcome to the second part of this two-part post on Narrating The Dream and with the last post covering the first half with a focus onĀ  past dreams and desires, this one focuses on the darker side of us, venturing on to the different faces we hide from the people. Continue reading

The Faces Of Us (v1)

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this is the first two-part post with the common title of ‘The Faces We Have’. This post is about the disconnect we feel with our past selves. The second part will be over our actions, thoughts and overall personality that we present to different people. Continue reading

[POTENTIAL] A greener road

Global warming is a phenomenon that is directly associated as a result of a large amount of emissions into the atmosphere. Road construction is one of the initial stages of development. So, in the world that is focusing on sustainable development, why not we start with combining the two?

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time I have a suggestion of combining the two basics for a better idea: Roads that absorb the gases to age and strengthen.

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It’s All Relative

There was an old post of mine, ‘The Other Side of the Coin’, that dealt with how sometimes we misinterpret a situation because of our personal biases. Does this mean people always lie on a particular side in any discussion? Obviously, no.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time I am discussing how one man’s alliances keep changing with situations and how hard it becomes for people in being sure of being unbiased.

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[ABANDONED] Story Idea: Resented

This one never was a real possibility because I feel too unskilled to take up a task of this caliber.

Akshay Duggan has the perfect life, or so it seems. The riches and the fame have come across to the man of humble beginnings at a high cost. The social kid, one who loved to be with friends and relatives, is now a relationship phobic. So severe have his commitment issues grown that even when he meets someone worth settling down with, he can’t help but purposely sabotage it with little things… Until it all boils over and he is faced with an introspective intervention that uncovers a painful realization which reveals the real childhood behind the ideal memories.

Resentment becomes a poison embedded deep within one’s identity if not taken care of. And sometimes, it is already too late to heal the damage behind the scars when we begin.