Some more original snippets

“Do you regret any of this?” He asked her with care in his voice. Though every bit of him hated doing this, he was giving her an out.

She barely took a moment to respond and my heart soared. “When I meant I need you as much as air, I meant it. Since birth, we breathe without worries, trusting the air to keep us alive. Then why should I worry about you, about us?”


“Love never was supposed to be this painful. I never heard anything about it being so sadistic.” She murmured, trying not to let him hear.

Though drunk, he did. “Wat di – deed you think? Lyf – life is dif – deefi – hard. So why love won’t?” He slurred before falling unconscious and so was unable to see her tears emerge. It was a good thing for then he won’t hit her for being so weak and naive.


“I always wondered what curse he was going to hit us with.” I said to the only other body in this silent place. “What he meant by one of us taking a longer and painful suffering while the other could get off easily.”

With one last glance at the dead in the coffin, he finished his last words and walked back to the police van that was waiting to take an innocent for a life sentence.

“I guess I understand now.”


“Good…bye.” He spoke the unfamiliar words, tasting the pain it held despite being unable to understand it.

“If this is how painful it feels, I am glad I have to say this only once.” He spoke under his breath in his native language as he walked away from the one he loved with everything he had for the sake of a place that would never accept their love.


“I feel terrible.” He confessed with tears to his loved one. “I feel so guilty about not caring about the big things, the big moments. In these final moments, I am drowning in the simple scenes of our existence. And I keep wondering… How aren’t you drowning as well?”

“Why are you so blind to those little pleasures?”

The Teachers, Part 2

I thought I was done saying all I had to say regarding the importance in fact the role of teachers but then, almost a month ago,  I realized I barely had scratched the surface.

So welcome to this newest post of Narrating the Dream and here I add another part of a part-tribute, part-observation about the teachers.

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