The Safety Net

The Safety net. The one guarantee that if we fall, we will have something that  believe in that it will keep us safe. But things aren’t as simple as just getting a safety net for every risk we take.

Welcome to the newest post of Narrating The Dream and this time, I am dealing with the topic of (metaphorical) safety nets.

I just got myself a safety net in a part of life that could turn nearly into a very stressful period of my life. But only one friend knows how much troubling this decision to reach and grab that net was.  He probably thought I was just being dramatic, and maybe I really was, but to me,  taking that safety net was way more than just taking a guarantee of security. It felt like sealing off all other avenues.

After some thought, it doesn’t now but until that last moment just before,  even after I had secured the net, I felt this way and was embarrassed. Would I  underperform now that I had something to rely on should I fail? Would all my priorities be messed up because that challenge is gone? Because that stress is gone?  I don’t feel so anymore but it was near paralyzing.

One can say I let the life dictate my life when I should have let it be handled myself. I won’t disagree because there’s no use discussing the past and I don’t have a way to prove the person wrong.

But this is what I knew what now. Having a safety net doesn’t mean the end of struggle. Because it is just a reminder that we were smart to invest in something as a start and it is up to us to achieve even higher standards. It is not a sign up for cowardice to get a net but rather a sign of being cautious when tackling an unknown challenge. Yes, the safety net is still there but that doesn’t mean the challenges are gone. And if we depend too much on the net,  we must remember that if we stress it too much and it shall collapse as well.

The future is still uncertain and my paths are still open. I won’t disrespect the net by calling it useless but that doesn’t mean I will treat it as a reason to take things easily.

I have veered off-road now so I will finish up now. I will just repeat the epiphany I just came across.

“I will face new challenges head on and I will rise. The safety net is always there for  me but I will rise higher. I will fly, if  not for myself then as a thanks to others. The net won’t go away if I fall. And that’s why, I will willingly fall when it’s time.

Because before we fall, we fly. “


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