[POTENTIAL] The remembered face

The present trending architectural design is to go for the reflecting mirrors. This has been so overdone recently that almost all buildings now feel like giant mirrors. Is it then time for a new design to replace the glass?

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time,  I have a proposal for the next architectural design now that the novelty of glass buildings has started to be worn out.

My suggestion to replace the front mirrors with a painting,  or sculpture of the face of a person worth remembering. There are so many people all over the world who deserve recognition for their deeds yet are forgotten unless somehow accidentally remembered.

So why not replace the boring glasses now with an occasional face (like one in every fifty buildings, perhaps?) of a person worth remembering. Granted, this won’t the make sense to people initially (like “Why do I have to work in his face?”) but in the unawares,  the sight might tempt them into looking for information about the represented person and why they got that privilege.

Now, the downside. By giving face to the buildings, we are effectively making them prone to disrespect. Buildings won’t stay in their pristine conditions forever and if they ever get damaged, it would inspire mockery and outrage rather than curiosity and respect. Then there would also be an issue of outrage and protests of the descendants who won’t see this as respect.

So what’s the way out? Glass front with (semi-transparent) painted faces?


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