Misdirected Anger

More than we would ever like to admit, we get unreasonably angry at someone or something. There is no way to be able to explain why to others but it feels justified to others. And it takes only some self-reflection to understand why it is so: the anger turns out to be misdirected.

Welcome to the newest post of Narrating The Dream and this time, the topic is of misdirected anger and how we would rather ignore the actual root of this anger.

There is a common impression that kids turn rebellious in their teens and best thing to do is to let them ride it out. This is the most common example of misdirected anger when they lash out at the one person they believe can let go at with ease. They have their frustrations and feel stuck and unproductive in life.

Why do people misdirected their anger? Well, it is not because they like lashing out, anyone can tell you that. My best guess is that we misdirected our anger, unknowingly of course, because we don’t really want to know that this way of living life has brought on some regrets to us in the present day. To accept them is to accept the blame that we didn’t live life to the fullest.

Majority of cases of misdirected anger are, in fact, cases of turning anger at oneself towards others.  Arising due to a range of negative emotions like jealousy, guilt, self-doubt, incompetence, etc., we let these frustrations bottle up within until the bottle bursts and they all come rushing out. And there is a very likely consequence of this explosion that your relationships will be strained. Then,  even though you are supposed to be relaxing with them, you will be uncomfortable among those close to you.

What should be done then? Saying that you need to confront your feelings takes only a few seconds but doing it is another matter entirely. I do not preach I know the right way but I can guess that it requires one to sit in silence in a room without any distractions and a firm desire to work things out with yourself. Who knows, maybe you will figure out some forgotten desires of your own or even maybe your next objective? Maybe even an attempt of journal writing would be of help.  If you have someone willing to be by your side,  you can have them help you as your personal cheerleader.

So are you prone to the misdirected anger or have you dealt with the issues? Have you got any way to suggest to get rid of this misdirected anger and confront what’s within? Please sound off below.


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