Fall of ‘The Northern Star’

We all have our guiding stars in our lives. They may be a person we know well, a person we may be related to or a person we admire from afar. They are the one constant thing in our lives, always shining high and bright above us and we derive comfort in the fact that no matter what happens, they will remain constant in their position and be always there to (knowingly or not) guide us. But sometimes, life makes us remember that this person is too a human being who makes mistakes and so the star fades away, turning out to be just another memory of a distant past that might not even seem real anymore.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this time, I am here for my words on the fall of ‘The Northern Star’.

My introduction covered the idea of The Northern Star well so I won’t go into it again. Look at yourself and you too will realize that you have your own Northern Star as well, if not multiple. Consciously or not, these are the first people we turn to for help whenever life deals us a tough hand. To us, they are the better faring, lucky people who always get the easy hands or at least seem to be powerful enough to wade through the hard times without any issues.

But as we say about heroes, it hurts a lot when you are witness to their fall to the average world. It feels like nothing is true and all this time you thought was special feels like a lie. Because we just can’t accept this hard truth as it means accepting that there are no heroes. That there is no one who can ever have it easy. The poor may be dying of hunger on the streets and the rich may be too involved in their dirty mind games but we firmly believe that the star will never fade. And it hurts a lot when this becomes a lie because we are already on deep in that lie to emerge unscathed as if nothing ever happened. Because the truth is that this did happen and now all we are is based on a lie. And so we are left feeling adrift with no sense of direction or destination.

(To me, I feel like I am getting side tracked so I will just wrap this up now.) I don’t mean to imply from all this that we shouldn’t have our stars but that we should be aware that stars fade away too and we shouldn’t define our everything on them.


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