“Until We Meet Again!” (Not to the blog!)

It is the nature of life to walk on our own paths. Sometimes, we meet others on this journey who stay with us for a while before our paths diverge. A favorite author of mine once wrote, “In life, there are things that are said and things that are left unsaid.” So perhaps this is a post inspired by the thoughts I have had for some time now or perhaps these are words left unsaid, but either way, I feel that there are people – not only those whose paths diverged from mine now but all those who were ever with me and are now on their own separate journeys – who ought to hear a true goodbye for what they were in this person’s life. (That sounds personal – since it is – but I feel oddly uncomfortable typing this up. Just this once, I suppose.)

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and in this post, I would like to show appreciation to the people who influenced my life not only in the outside world (there really ought to be a better way of dividing the two worlds, by the way) but also the people here and those I have known online but are no longer in contact. Someday, somewhere, we may meet again.

P.S. Just to make this clear, I am not closing down the blog. I repeat, THIS is not the last post.

First of all, if you are reading this, there’s a high chance I haven’t wrote this for you. (The present you, that is.) Undoubtedly, a day will come when we will part ways too and I would like you then to revisit this post and I hope you will understand what I meant better. Secondly, I feel like being a show-off by doing this online in such a way but I am not a people’s person and would rather leave this to chance on them stumbling upon it. Alright then, let’s get started.

Everyone of us choose the paths we walk down in life, though we may like to say otherwise, and through choices that may or may not be in our control, we come across people over time. These people, of different ages, are on their own journeys to the end and are filled with their own joys and regrets. We may not find out about them but more often than not, these people join us for the short time we walk together in a single path on this otherwise lonely journey. Their company changes us, exposing us to new experiences and teachings and  helping us have new joys and regrets of our own. And then, as if it is the most natural thing in the world (though I suppose it really is), they leave us as our roads diverge and we split apart, heading off in our paths.

This moment (I refer to the moment of being split, not THIS exact moment of when you are reading this), I would like you to know that your presence and company was deeply appreciated in my life. You taught me things, both good and bad, and helped me shape my future self. You gave me new sources of inspiration to draw in life and opened up doors of opportunities that I didn’t realize existed. You gave me reminders of the one thing I often forgot: That letting people in may hurt but it never is as bad as I may fear it and getting hurt is much better than shutting people out. You helped me try to get rid of some of my misconceptions and understand things in a new life and offered me simple teachings and memories, that I undoubtedly know, will always be guiding me in the future, whether I recognize their importance or not.

You gave me reasons to laugh and to cry, to rejoice and to mourn, to let go and to hold on and in this way, you have somehow given me strength to be more open to changes and let myself decide how these touch upon my way of living. If we part our ways now, I want you to know that though it is a moment of sadness of losing contact (either immediately or over time – though knowing the not-so-social me, it is probably going to be over a shorter period of time than usual), it is also a moment of hope for new beginnings for both of us. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and want you to know that you are appreciated for being a part of my journey.

Until we meet again,



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