Sources for Quotes

Considering that I can’t really think of anything to post, here’s some places where I often find great quotations. Some of these are quite obvious but who knows, maybe one of them will be unexpected:

1. Reading books: A book has so many sentences, you would think that there would be at least one line worth quoting. More often than not, you won’t find it. But when you do, your hands will itch to use it as soon as possible.
BONUS POINTS: If the book has chapters beginning with a quote.

2. Goodreads Quotes: Mostly they feature quotes by famous personalities rather than book quotes but I am yet to run across a quotation I didn’t like. You can get one through the quote of the day in your account update feed.
BONUS POINTS: You can also get to the profile of the person you want quotes of and then look under ‘Quotes’. Or just look them up on a google search.

3. – Criminal Minds: Wikiquotes is probably the biggest collection of quotes from all sources. Enough said. Criminal Minds is a crime drama thriller (and probably many things more) that wraps its 10th season this May. Sure there will be some character quotes but since every episode starts and ends with a well-chosen quote, I find this to be my best source of all.
BONUS POINTS: You can get addicted onto a TV show that already has more than 200 episodes out!

4. Wattpad – Quotable Quotes! (User: JonathanMagistad): For the unaware, Wattpad is an online reading and writing site. And this book, aptly named, has some great quotes that are worth noting. More often than not, you’ll find what you sought.
BONUS POINTS: If you check to see all his works, you’ll find that he has a second book ‘Quotable Quotes!: Book II’ with another 200 quotes as well.

For now, these are my top four sources for hunting quotes. Do you have any? Speak up below, would you?


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