“Until We Meet Again!” (Not to the blog!)

It is the nature of life to walk on our own paths. Sometimes, we meet others on this journey who stay with us for a while before our paths diverge. A favorite author of mine once wrote, “In life, there are things that are said and things that are left unsaid.” So perhaps this is a post inspired by the thoughts I have had for some time now or perhaps these are words left unsaid, but either way, I feel that there are people – not only those whose paths diverged from mine now but all those who were ever with me and are now on their own separate journeys – who ought to hear a true goodbye for what they were in this person’s life. (That sounds personal – since it is – but I feel oddly uncomfortable typing this up. Just this once, I suppose.)

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and in this post, I would like to show appreciation to the people who influenced my life not only in the outside world (there really ought to be a better way of dividing the two worlds, by the way) but also the people here and those I have known online but are no longer in contact. Someday, somewhere, we may meet again.

P.S. Just to make this clear, I am not closing down the blog. I repeat, THIS is not the last post.

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Sources for Quotes

Considering that I can’t really think of anything to post, here’s some places where I often find great quotations. Some of these are quite obvious but who knows, maybe one of them will be unexpected:
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