Some more snippets of my writing…

“There are truths and lies for everyone. Some are universal, meant for all, while there are some that are personal, that define how we are. We all have to make the decision of how we break the two apart. There can be no exceptions. No gray areas are allowed.

Now that I have chosen my truth, you seek to make it a lie. What wrong I have done that powers you to bring down everything I have ever known?”


“When the end came for him, he didn’t cry or rejoice. He simply looked on, blank at its arrival. And like the countless others that had stood in its way, Death took him as well, impassive to his indifference.

It would be the indifference of the the two towards each other that made others wonder what semblance of life had the boy lived and whether or not Death was indifferent to us all. Because what was the point of it all when in the end, you were going to be just ignored?”


“She smiled at me and I was blinded. But like countless others who had their own sources of such blindness, I didn’t resent it not when it happened and nor when it had faded away. And so when my vision returned, I eagerly sought yet another person who could blind me like that, preferably for the rest of my life.”


“This is what this life of being a hero has brought me, reducing everything I have ever been to this single choice. I have always been selfless, sacrificing my personal pleasures for the good of the masses. I gave away my wealth, disrespected the gift of my life and rejected the companionships that I could have had, knowing that one day I might have to sacrifice myself for the public as well. But this? This I never signed up for.

I made it clear plenty of times that only I was what I had to offer to sacrifice. Then why does life bring me to this point? On the one side stands the selfish and ignorant world, never going to mend its way, unaware and uncaring of the sacrifices I make. And on the other side stands the light of my life. It’s the one person who has given me strength to go on when all else was meaningless, the one person who has cared more about me than I ever did about him. So when our love stands to lose if I try to attain the goal of the greater good, why should I be selfless? Because for him, I would let the world tear itself apart.

And I would do it gladly.”


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