[POTENTIAL] A different kind of shaming

In the previous sixty one posts on this place, I have written and talked about several things, ranging from the silly to the clueless to the advisory to the hopeful to the regretful but never have I attempted a post on a topic that has the potential to go as wrong as this post can. Nor will I ever, I think, I will find myself in this situation when all it takes is one misinterpretation for everything to go wrong in the worst possible way. And I don’t say these words lightly while setting the stage for this post on this place.

Welcome to the 62nd post of Narrating The Dream and this time, it is not hard to realize that the category of [POTENTIAL] suits the theme of the post perfectly in a time when the entire world is against this word that they have, rightfully at present, associated with a negative definition. My topic? Promoting disrespect shaming. If you want to leave, you probably would have closed the browser tab or backed out of this page before your eyes even drifted to the start of this sentence. So if you are reading this, I know that you are curious if I mean what the above implies. And yes, yes I do.

Shaming has taken a form of bullying at present, with the one that has gained the most common expression as ‘Fat shaming’, that is, shaming/bullying/insulting of people who are overweight or fat or obese. At this point, I would like to make this clear that I, in no way, support any form of such an insult to the basic principles of humanity. What we are, how we are… is our individual choice only and no one gets to say anything about it unless I invite you too (and even then not insensitively). But at the same time, I must accept that I see a potential to heal the world piece by piece using this concept of shaming. Confused? Let me make it clear to you.

You see a man throwing away garbage in the middle of the street. What do you do? Call him out, most probably (and obviously). But he’ll only shrug and leave. And then later do it again. But take a picture of him littering the street and upload it on the social network and with the right crowd, it will spread like wildfire. And then the small comments to him (no personal attacks on him or on his close ones, though) made by a whole lot of people would become the reason he would stop. Because you can silence one, you may ignore two but you can’t shut the world out. And the voice against pollution is just a start. This shaming would become a reason to change for the better, or else keep getting ‘insulted’ by the strangers in front of the masses. Similarly, a driver who disobeys basic traffic rules, a public servant who is corrupt/lazy, etc. would be facing the potential of public ‘humiliation’ while also being exposed for their unsavory behavior.

But does it not have a potential to go wrong? Of course it does. In fact, things can go so badly that you might make things worse for that person. Every choice we make in our lives deserves a lot of forethought and it is absolutely necessary in these cases. After all, what you do to others may be done to you as well. So what do you do then? Simple, dish out what you would want to have dished out to you as well. Never give someone such an inconvenience that he/she would repeat that act only to get back at you and all the other ‘shamers’, for that is  not productive and is just as bad as fat shaming.

It’s a thin line to walk but, if traveled upon with caution, can help change the world for the better. And I would like to finish this landmine of the post with a thought for your mind.

Why do we blog? Do we write to just rant or do we have a meaning behind our words, to show that hidden connection every post we write has with our personal and professional lives? Because on internet, what’s here is eternal. And to the countless strangers who will read us even long after we are gone, our words will define us. So why do we blog? To talk and just rant? Or to express something that we deeply desire, to connect and, in our own ways, to try to make the world a better place just by being here?


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