The Maggi Experiments #1, #2, #3

Maggi is an international brand in the market of food products and one of its major products is Maggi Instant Noodles. These instant noodles are supposed to be prepared with the least amount of fuss. Only with me, things haven’t gone as advertised.

Welcome to the (unplanned) 60th post of Narrating The Dream and this time I’m sharing three experimental attempts at preparing an easy snack of Maggi Noodles (80 gm pack) in an electric kettle that has its heating coil in the open. I hope I get this right because be prepared, this one’s a barrel (or kettle) full of laughs.

First of all, I would say that I’m stubborn and even after these experiments, I haven’t given up. Yet.

The Maggi Experiment #1:

I chose the obvious route first. I cooked the noodles in the electric kettle directly, letting the noodles come in contact with the coil. The cooking went well and the aroma was wonderful. Even the reminder of the smell is mouth-watering. And then came the time for the result…

Result: As expected, the bottom of my stock had burnt and fused into the coil in such a way that I smelled it even weeks later. And nicked my finger while trying to clean the coil. Ouch! (Also, I had to improvise the cleaning process. Resorting to even using a handkerchief to get to that tough spot at the bottom of the coil.

Hence FAIL!

The Maggi Experiment #2:

It was one month after the last attempt and this time I reasoned that if the boiling portion was just to mix spices into the noodles, then why not boil the water so much that this can be carried out in a different utensil. So I boil water (note: steaming!) and then pour it in a container which already had the noodles broken into smaller pieces. I added the spices and stirred. The noodles, as expected, softened… and then the penny dropped!

Result: Since there was no further heating of the water, the spices turned the water, and not the noodles, spicy. This resulted in bland noodles but spicy water. And quite a long wait for the water to cool down to be fit for drinking.

Hence FAIL x 2!

The Maggi Experiment #3:

It was obvious now that the boiling had to happen in the kettle while keeping the noodles away from the coil. So I decided to use a handkerchief (not sure if it was the same one as the previous experiment) to keep the two away from contact. I filled the kettle, set the handkerchief at a safe height so it didn’t burn either, put the small pieces of Maggi on it and then set it on. I added the spices and waited for the first signs of boiling. Now my kettle is an expert in heating milk and water and within seconds they are steaming. But here I waited for almost two minutes… and that’s when the disaster that’s barely an hour old happened!

Result: Since the vapor built up, the water came flooding out the way it wasn’t supposed to and fell over the switch, making it too hot to even try moving it. I cut off the direct power supply and lifted the handkerchief. Aslo, the handkerchief being made up of cloth meant that while the noodles didn’t go into the rest of water that wasn’t in the handkerchief but in the kettle, the spices did. And the entire mess of steaming water that was overflowing was dark as night. I ran, threw it away before it damaged the kettle (not tested again yet) and cleaned all that had suffered from the overflow.

I emptied the still raw noodles (and the spices) into the container (same as experiment #2) and finally spotting a half-empty packet of ketchup, used it to make the noodles edible. Yum! not.

Hence FAIL x 3!

I haven’t given up though. I’m still hoping to find a way. All that’s to be seen is if the kettle would support me in this endeavor or not.

Any advice is welcome.


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