“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink.”

Water is such a precious, yet highly disrespected, commodity on the planet. On the one hand, people are making declarations that World War 3 will be for drinking water while on the other hand, countless people waste it as if there aren’t others suffering for a single drop to drink. So the obvious question would arise: Is there nothing that can be done?

Welcome to the 59th post of Narrating The Dream and this time I’ll be presenting a partnership idea here that sounds deceptively simple but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to implement.

Water is a commodity that will never be unnecessary. Even the very first settlements that human built were near fresh water sources and it is obviously noticeable that our present habitations follow this basic rule as well (in as much quantity as possible).

The planet may be covered by 75% water but only 0.01% of it is really fit for drinking and readily available. Sadly, even in this small amount, a lot goes waster because we are not careful with the amount we do have access to. Water pollution has become a severe nuisance that affects almost all the water sources and is, directly and indirectly, destroying the health of all the lfe forms of the planet. Just go ahead and run a search on Google with the key words ‘water pollution’ and you will get a pretty good idea of how dire the situation is right now and how it is slowly becoming worse.

So in this regard, I had an epiphany that can possibly solve the issue of this water pollution. And from the obvious global impact of world pollution, no one can really say this is just for now or for any particular region/state/country.

My idea was that we can have a three-sided collaboration for ensuring clean water supply to the masses. The three sides would be the public, the city municipality and the Water Purifier companies. These water purifier companies would treat the water before storage and would hence be providing the cleaned water to the contracted locations/taps. A fee would be charged to the recipient folks so that the company profits as well and the city municipalities would be responsible for overseeing fairness in practice from both sides. Also, if sufficient extra profit is made, the companies would also have to provide some extra taps that would be used in ‘public spots’. This way, proper water supply would be ensured.
The option of harvesting groundwater would still be present but have to be discouraged slowly by showing the benefits of this partnership over own isolated water supply. And to ensure that the Water purifier manufacturers do not suffer loss in sales, we can also have promotions that allow people to keep the individual water filters at home as well, if they desire so.

This could work out well ONLY if the entire arrangement is properly monitored. At least, this is what I think.

What about you? Do you agree? Or do you think that this would be a definite failure? (Please try to state reasons as well if you disagree.)


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