A fresh start?

We often make promises to do things better. To have a do-over. To be more efficient. Be even better. We promise ourselves that we would not go wrong this time, not let anything drag us down in this fresh attempt. Rarely does this go well.

Welcome to this newest post of ‘Narrating The Dream’ and here I would be speaking talking writing about this very issue: Is it possible to have a fresh start? In short, no. But then, things are rarely so simple that they can be answered in one word.

Starting fresh means not only just making another attempt at something we desire to do or participate in but also implies that we are free of previous baggage and can be whoever we want. For some, this is very easy to do as their personality is generally quite flexible. They are easily able to adopt new lives and persona and ‘flow with the crowd’. For the others, though, it is hard to break free of the routine they have lived with for so long.

Let’s talk about the flexible ones first. The flexible ones are able to stay on the move and are of the personality most likely to be struck with the bug of wanderlust. These free spirits can mold their lives to suit their circumstances and this helps them adapt to the changes rather quickly, making them much efficient in surviving unfavorable circumstances. (Try not to take this paragraph only literally. It is to be taken symbolically as well.)

The ones stuck in their routines have a real hard time dealing with change as every single change threatens to disrupt their entire routine. As a result of this disruption, their behavior would be unpredictable as they seek balance and so often end up causing themselves or others harm in situations of change. For these people, fresh start often is a dream they have to escape their ‘dull, routine’ lives, only to cling back to it if given a chance to leave it behind. But hey, no blaming them, because as I said, it is really hard for them. (If you don’t get it, ask yourself this: How long do you take to break a habit you have had for a long time?)

I have a confession to make. I wrote part of this post one day and the rest a few days later and so have no idea what I was intending to finish up with. So, I will just go along with what comes to mind now.

So, to conclude, I would say that getting a chance at a fresh start doesn’t always mean having a fresh start. Sometimes the baggage we carry with us is too heavy to just drop all of a sudden without any negative impact (short-term or long-term) and so these changes must be gradual. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some folks who find this that hard, probably because they aren’t really attached to anything of their past life.

Of course there’s also a third category of folks who are happy in their lives and don’t wish for a fresh start, don’t you agree?

Sound off your opinions below. (And it’s been great writing poetry but it is also good to be back for babbling about whatever comes to mind.)


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