The Maggi Experiments #1, #2, #3

Maggi is an international brand in the market of food products and one of its major products is Maggi Instant Noodles. These instant noodles are supposed to be prepared with the least amount of fuss. Only with me, things haven’t gone as advertised.

Welcome to the (unplanned) 60th post of Narrating The Dream and this time I’m sharing three experimental attempts at preparing an easy snack of Maggi Noodles (80 gm pack) in an electric kettle that has its heating coil in the open. I hope I get this right because be prepared, this one’s a barrel (or kettle) full of laughs. Continue reading


“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink.”

Water is such a precious, yet highly disrespected, commodity on the planet. On the one hand, people are making declarations that World War 3 will be for drinking water while on the other hand, countless people waste it as if there aren’t others suffering for a single drop to drink. So the obvious question would arise: Is there nothing that can be done?

Welcome to the 59th post of Narrating The Dream and this time I’ll be presenting a partnership idea here that sounds deceptively simple but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to implement. Continue reading

A fresh start?

We often make promises to do things better. To have a do-over. To be more efficient. Be even better. We promise ourselves that we would not go wrong this time, not let anything drag us down in this fresh attempt. Rarely does this go well.

Welcome to this newest post of ‘Narrating The Dream’ and here I would be speaking talking writing about this very issue: Is it possible to have a fresh start? In short, no. But then, things are rarely so simple that they can be answered in one word. Continue reading

Forgotten Posts: Writing 201 Poetry Day 10: Future

I’m running really late so this one will just have the future reference.

Oh the wind blows wild,

Scattering leaves apart.

The lone roads cry

As we have to part.

All the smiles we had,

All the fun we have had,

Remember them, go on,

don’t get so sad.

The future’s coming

Taking us by a storm.

We’ll have different paths,

Lives taking new form.

So smile one last time,

for that’s what I’ll remember.

In hoping again that

someday we’ll be back, together.

Forgotten Posts: Writing 201 Poetry, Day 9: Landscape

I have to say. Doing Found Poetry is probably the hardest of all the poetry forms I tackled only because of the infinite options I have.┬áSo, I decided I will attempt the other two parts of the prompt later. I’ll have Landscape done now.

Water smashes the dock

Seagulls flying by

Sailors shout curses

As we say goodbye.

To you, I wish a bon voyage,

Sail proud and high,

Never lose your heart.

I trust you to return,

and with this trust, I’ll wait,

Growing fonder while apart.

The storm may fall,

Cruel winds may try,

I know you’ll prevail,

Rise in the clear sky.

Have hope in your heart,

And fight with all you’ve got.

Your journey’s to begin

Such a wonderful life you’ve got.

Shining in the sunset,

Light in the night,

Strong in the storms,

Always shining bright.

Fight, survive, help, be helped,

Do it all and go on.

The folks you chose at your side,

Take care of issues together head on.

This wooden home,

So majestic, so proud.

Keep her safe, and so shall she

Keep you safe and sound.

Farewell, my traveler,

May you see sights unseen.

May you bask in stranger sunlights.

For I expect tales of everywhere you’ve been.

I bide you farewell, o traveler,

Knowing you’ll one day return.

And we’ll continue from here on.

My world will move again,

And I will be awaken from this stasis,

With you, I’ll then carry on.

All except the last stanza can be imagined as a woman biding her sailor goodbye. The last one is after he’s out of earshot.