Forgotten Posts: Writing 201 Poetry, Day 8: Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

Ah my keeper of memories,

so glad I’m to see you!

Come on now, open up quickly

and remind me of who I was once again.

The swimmer’s cap still smells of the chlorine,

and there’s the worn out baseball cap I always had on,

I see the notepads that are filled with lots of trivial details,

And the songbooks of my favorite songs.

There’s the first love letter I got,

and here lies the photo of my first crush.

Our simple lives, meaningless worries,

You’re a true reminder of what I was.

The broken pencils remind me of my failed sketch attempts,

And the light-hearted mockery it brought on.

The abandoned story ideas all scream now,

still they presume I will sit down and write them now.

Oh, my keeper of memories, such things you keep,

Reminders of my young self, the truth of who I was.

I long to be back in those days, when I always had more to add,

But now it’s time for my last goodbye, so thank you for staying with me so long.


I think I wrote an elegy again while going for an ode. Well, it all depends on perspective, I suppose.


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