Forgotten Posts: Poetry Day 6: Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe

With a swagger in his step

And a gun on his left hip,

the newcomer entered the place folks called hip.

The stars shined in the dark night outside

Then the door slammed shut, cutting off the noise of outside,

Then the wise brown eyes took all in

And not a muscle jumped as the others did the same

The air was electric and the smell was stale

The sound of the the music quickly drowned away.

Eyes never left his framed as he headed to the bar,

Eyes that were jealous or lusting were fixed on his back

The anticipation of something new was finally coming back.

Swallowing the drink at once, he turned around

Didn’t even flinch as laser aim settled on his heart.

The buzz faded away, fear replaced the anticipation

Chaos ensued and all were on their own.

The man then moved, a slithering snake,

Slipping and striking, string of dead in his wake.

The bullets whizzed by among the screams

But the man never flinched, never did he falter.

And then all who were left standing were the two alphas,

Neither looked away, not giving up in the staring match.

Without breaking contact, the man made a move,

Without a delay, the other alpha executed a counter move.

The dance was deadly and others stared mesmerized

And then the two were close enough for the final strike.

And the man was like wind, a blur to all.

Crushed his opponent’s throat with a punch that surprised all.

The other alpha fell, survivors stared in fear

The man just spat at the corpse, left others to cower in fear

With the swagger in his step

And the gun undrawn on his left hip,

the newcomer disappeared in the dark night outside.


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