Forgotten Posts: Writing 201 Poetry, Day 8: Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

Ah my keeper of memories,

so glad I’m to see you!

Come on now, open up quickly

and remind me of who I was once again.

The swimmer’s cap still smells of the chlorine,

and there’s the worn out baseball cap I always had on,

I see the notepads that are filled with lots of trivial details,

And the songbooks of my favorite songs.

There’s the first love letter I got,

and here lies the photo of my first crush.

Our simple lives, meaningless worries,

You’re a true reminder of what I was.

The broken pencils remind me of my failed sketch attempts,

And the light-hearted mockery it brought on.

The abandoned story ideas all scream now,

still they presume I will sit down and write them now.

Oh, my keeper of memories, such things you keep,

Reminders of my young self, the truth of who I was.

I long to be back in those days, when I always had more to add,

But now it’s time for my last goodbye, so thank you for staying with me so long.


I think I wrote an elegy again while going for an ode. Well, it all depends on perspective, I suppose.

Forgotten Posts: Poetry 201, Day 7: Fingers, Prose Poetry, Assonance

Here’s my entry for the day 7 of the (now over) Writing 201 Poetry Course. The prompts are Fingers, Prose Poetry and Assonance.

“Clickety-clack, clickety-clack… was the noise her fingers made,

‘Aid me here girl, leave the typewriter alone now’, her mother yelled.

The girl barely looked up, brows furrowed in concentration as she hurried in getting out all she had to say.

There was a clang, then there was a clank and the little girl froze as she recognized the sign the sounds gave.

The mother came into the room, displeased by the girl’s disobedience, and announced, ‘Soon! Very soon,

you’ll be gone. Off married, leaving me to mourn. Why don’t you listen, why be such a burden?

Why not learn some homemaking skills at all?’ The mother left with a sigh, shaking her head in disappointment.

But the girl secretly smiled, hearing the her mother’s pride in her child even in her admonishment.

And with a final clickety-clack, she got up and left the typewriter… and the ode to her mother she’d written”

Forgotten Posts: Poetry Day 6: Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe

With a swagger in his step

And a gun on his left hip,

the newcomer entered the place folks called hip.

The stars shined in the dark night outside

Then the door slammed shut, cutting off the noise of outside,

Then the wise brown eyes took all in

And not a muscle jumped as the others did the same

The air was electric and the smell was stale

The sound of the the music quickly drowned away.

Eyes never left his framed as he headed to the bar,

Eyes that were jealous or lusting were fixed on his back

The anticipation of something new was finally coming back.

Swallowing the drink at once, he turned around

Didn’t even flinch as laser aim settled on his heart.

The buzz faded away, fear replaced the anticipation

Chaos ensued and all were on their own.

The man then moved, a slithering snake,

Slipping and striking, string of dead in his wake.

The bullets whizzed by among the screams

But the man never flinched, never did he falter.

And then all who were left standing were the two alphas,

Neither looked away, not giving up in the staring match.

Without breaking contact, the man made a move,

Without a delay, the other alpha executed a counter move.

The dance was deadly and others stared mesmerized

And then the two were close enough for the final strike.

And the man was like wind, a blur to all.

Crushed his opponent’s throat with a punch that surprised all.

The other alpha fell, survivors stared in fear

The man just spat at the corpse, left others to cower in fear

With the swagger in his step

And the gun undrawn on his left hip,

the newcomer disappeared in the dark night outside.

Poetry Assignment Day 4: Animal, Concrete Poetry, Enjambment

This one is way late but only now I could comfortably sit (ok, I just got interrupted) and write. And thanks to Adele’s Skyfall, I now have a tune to go along with it! In fact, the song just got me an extension for the poem. To maintain shape, I finally had to resort to inserting an image for the poem and the song.

P.S.: Click on the image to enlarge it but be aware that the pic is very, very large.


Attempting a double acrostic – Still Poetry Day 3

Here’s my attempt at the double acrostic (in which the first letters of the sentences form a word and so do the last words):

Despite resistance, he fell for her,

Every passing moment, after all, had a reason to.

And she loved him too, choosing him over the masses,

Never away for too long, he’s her caro and she’s his cara.

I know the names aren’t Italian but that’s the best I could manage. It is a surprise how quickly the mind goes blank when looking for a specific word (in my case, it was a word ending with -a. So I made them Italian because ‘cara’ was the first word that came to mind.) I couldn’t identify an internal rhyme here this time.

Poetry 201, Day 3: The tale of ill-fated lovers

Here’s my entry for the day 3 of the poetry course. This one is as special to me as the last one and is on the cues of ‘trust’, acrostic and internal rhyme. This one doesn’t have internal rhyme (aside from the fate-late, which was completely accidental), by the way. I’m working on one that has it too.

Death marked the couple’s love

Every breath was too short.

A terrible fate, told too late,

To kill the one you loved.

He tried but failed, still fell for her.