Book Review: Chasing Tomorrow by Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe

Title: Chasing Tomorrow (The Sequel to ‘If Tomorrow Comes’)

Authors: Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe

Rating: 2 stars


Some stories shall never be picked off from the perfect end. One of my earliest reads and all-time favorites, If Tomorrow Comes… was one such book. The journey of Tracey Whitney was of losing oneself in tragedy and then rebuilding yourself the way you deserve to be, with no constraints. The fact that she became an art thief was just an entertaining hook. I loved Tracey and the entire cast, breathing the emotions Mr Sheldon no doubt had desired for us to have towards the different characters. And its end was one of the most satisfying even though it left her at crossroads: Would she start her new life free of the past or would she risk it all for yet another con on an elusive rich businessman? The answer wasn’t necessary for it felt like the end was up to the readers. I had loved it. Chasing Tomorrow, though, isn’t something that I loved.

But first I must say that I loved the kid. (Sorry I forgot the name.) He’s probably the only thing that was worth being happy about. Everyone else in the book was just that, words written on the book. There have been several attempts to reconnect with the characters we knew and loved in If Tomorrow Comes… but all but one failed. To me, only the villain stayed true to the character but even he didn’t reveal the true reason for why things got so bad.

Perhaps it’s because the original was one of my initial reads or perhaps there is some other reason but I felt like this sequel was only in the sense of the names. We have heard the names and we know their history, and now we have to deal with an alternate reality where these things happened. I was not interested at all. I would pick up the original as the standalone. Though I must also say that there is a potential for a sequel to this one and I sincerely hope that the author takes care of this ‘disconnect’.

One more thing. The original ‘If Tomorrow Comes…’ was a long book but it went by like a breeze. This one had me often pausing to check the page number, to see how long I was yet to go through. And this is just unacceptable for me in a book, no matter how famous the author is.


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