Truth is wronger than lies?

It is a strange world we live in. And not because of the abnormalities (and what is normal anyway?) but because of how the passage of time has twisted simple notions that people once lived by, thus making us all twisted in the head. (Though not all really.)

Welcome to the 42nd post of Narrating The Dream, and the first post of the year 2015, that will be tackling the issue ‘Have the truths becomes more unreliable than lies?’ 

When we are young, the world tries to teach us to be always truthful. It tells us that lies are never fruitful and you only end up caught in a bizarre web of lies that you would weave just to make the first lie the truth. Yet it also teaches us, not through words but through actions, that lying is okay. “Small lies” is what they would call them, simply whisking them away as petty, insignificant ones which would never hurt anyone. But they do hurt someone, they hurt the liar. Because soon, the simple and petty lies to cover up own mistakes turns into huge lies that have the power to destroy lives in an instant.

The world today has changed so badly that it unwittingly teaches the young ones, if not intentionally, to lie when caught in a compromising situation. If not to avoid the blame and the punishment, then for the sake of saving face, we are subtly taught to lie. Sadly, for most people, this doesn’t even happen in whispers or behind closed doors, but rather takes place out in the open. And if someone else hears this type of misleading advice, then so what, because they do this themselves as well. In these last few days, there have been two separate incidents that convinced me of this change in the mindset of the people that makes them choosing to lie over telling the simple truth.

*I initially wrote those two instances down for sharing before realizing that despite this being my, kind of, personal blog, the internet isn’t my personal space and everything’s on here forever once digital. I won’t be sharing anything about them (even though I just deleted about 500 words of this article). I would rather forget them than make them permanent.*

So the lesson here I learned is: Don’t lie. There will be lapses, of this I have no doubt, but I will try my best to not lie, whether the cause is urgent or simple. Because, by lying, all we are really destroying is our credibility. And no, the logic of not valid if not caught doesn’t work because by lying, we know we are destroying our own credibility and that would only embolden the lying part of us to take bigger risks. And why choose to swim in rapid water to get across when there’s already a bridge a few steps far from your position? If it happens, it was meant to be and if it doesn’t, then also that was meant to be.

People would choose to spout lies for several reasons but I can guarantee you that at least 90% of them will be selfish or covering up for someone else mistakes. (In case you are wondering, the remaining 10% are the life-saving ones. Like when you ask a fellow to lie that you went right when you actually go left. And that sort of thing. Though I must say that even those lies can be avoided ONLY if you can smooth-talk into calming down the anger. Having a gun that causes temporary amnesia works too.)

The world has twisted its opinion, making it as if they expect to be always getting away with their mistakes and avoid punishment. Starting slow, it infects your brain, no matter if you are a child, a teenager or an adult, and destroying your moral compass. And then, what right do we have to expect others to be truthful when we aren’t either?

So what do you think?


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