Poetry Attempt: Through the Dark

At least I know this much now, I am terrible at poetry. Anyway, here’s what I could come up with:

The world turns dark

And still I carry on.

The roads fade away and

Yet I must go on.

The black sky threatens to swallow

And the ground seems to desire the same.

This task of mine is a weight I must bear

And it feels like standing in a flame.

The body is broken and the spirit is gone.

This weary soul still must not stall.

For the eyes long dry and mouths long silent

Still enslave me to their every beck and call.

Oh I remember the yesteryear,

When I was free as a bird in the open sky.

But the free me never realized that

That moment of promise was my goodbye.

The burden saps my strength and

Even the willpower is now dying.

But the journey is still far from over

And though I wish to, there’s no use in lying.

Oh one mistake was all it took

As it was enough for everything to come falling down.

I fought, I lied, I wept, I begged

But none helped, and all laughed like I was a clown.

The dark is quiet, as it watches me yet again

And I walk on, trying to ignore that I’m tired.

But for me there’s no end in sight

Since that’s what the fate had desired.

The screams, the cries, the pain, the anguish

It burned me from the inside.

As I was forced to watch myself lose

All I had both outside and inside.

This journey of a fool’s quest

Is what life has handed me.

And I shall know no rest

Until I earn the right to be free.

The wealth, the pride, the dignity, the life

All chose to abandon my side.

Worse than an animal I then became

One trapped within a human hide.

I run, I jog, I walk, I crawl

But I cannot make myself stop.

For that’s a mercy I wasn’t bestowed

All I got is a climb, with no way to the top.

The dark soon leaves, bored with me again

And the world takes a new breath of life.

And still I try and still I fail, to understand

How the innocent promise of being successful earned me this life.


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