Broken Act of Balancing

There are three kinds of people when it comes to behaviour and attitude. The good guys, the considerate ones who are always looking after others but not falling from grace either. Then there are the bad guys, who have the devil-may-care attitude. These may hide what they truly are within but most of their actions are driven by this attitude. And then there are the in-betweeners. These are the folk who carry out the fine balancing act between the two ends. These people think for the general welfare but don’t mind getting their hands dirty in doling out vengeances. Did I get them right? No. Well, not exactly.

Welcome to this newest post of Narrating The Dream and this time, I am going to talk about the act of balancing our selfish desires and concern for general welfare… and how terribly wrong it has all gone for most of us.

To most, who simply just want to hear this and get it over with, the three divisions would seem appropriate. But to one who bothers who think over it? Well, they might think that the ‘good’ guys are those who have managed to learn to ignore the call of their inner devil. The ‘bad’ guys have embraced it. And those stuck in the limbo are those who haven’t yet made that call. (Just let me get on a side-track here for a moment. The labels are all changeable. There is no good. There is no bad. It’s all relative. I guess this would be a different future post.)

I’m glad for all those good guys. They have found a way to help the society. I am glad for the ‘bad’ guys as well. They know what they want and they will have it, without a care of how the rest of the world sees them for being selfish. But I also know that there are very few guys who are completely good or bad. (And yes, criminals, drug lords, etc. would belong in the ‘bad’ guy category by the definition. On the statement of being glad for them? No comment.) And that brings focus to the third classification in which the majority of the world belongs. The ones stuck in a limbo.

These guys have it the worst. They want to be good but it often feels like a continuous cycle of making sacrifices that would never be appreciated. They want to be bad but are unwilling to have the distrust and stigma attached with those actions. And so every action they make is one that requires severe thought, often resulting in wastage of time over the most simplest of decisions. The fact is that the importance of social image has been so blatantly popularized in the media that the most of the media-affected world has begun to define their actions on the basis of this ‘image’. They want to be the ‘good’ guys. But what happens it that people often get ignored. Humans, by the virtue of their ego, desire to have recognition in order to keep moving forward. Also, often making these choices means sacrificing own comfort and safety and when you do feel unappreciated, it makes you less willing to be good.

But if you become bad, it means that you are ‘an unreliable human being who can never care for another human being’. And why? Because I chose to buy an ice-cream rather than give it for proceedings to a disaster-affected zone. Yes, a bad thing happened to them. Yes, I know we all should support them in their time of need, for we too may end up needing help if fate plays its dark hand. But does it mean I should feel guilty for every self-fulfilling choice I make? I don’t see others being as helpful as me so why should I be the only one who gets the lecture? They say the change begins with you. Well, lots of people try for change, why haven’t they succeeded yet? (And this has the potential for becoming yet another new post as well.)

I am getting over agitated here. The thing I am trying to say is that people are divided between these two ideas and are often riddled with guilt and regret over these things. Later, most of these might not matter but it is hard to seek the rising sun when the darkness is so consuming that you can’t even see your own nose. And so, every choice feels like making the wrong mistake.

So what should we do? Just give up? Just be as lost in this mess as we are presently? I have no answer for this. Except that not doing anything is giving up. And even though I know nothing else in this regard, I know that this isn’t the thing to do.

But does that mean every single limbo resident is confused? No, some have adapted to this life. And I would love to hear how they do it.

Do you have any ideas? Would you please offer any suggestions? Because right now, the only thing I can suggest (in a not entirely serious way) is that we should all turn to Buddhism and look for inner peace. Does anyone know a teacher here?

Seriously though, do advise if you have any ideas.


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