Conscious or Unconscious

This can be one answer to my last post. A very well written post.

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I see you being very happy and contented with your life in the very near future. You’ve probably heard that happiness is a conscious decision that can be made at anytime. I think there’s some truth in this, however happiness is an emotion not a thought. I believe that adjusting what you’re thinking about can create happiness and contentment.

What activity, treat, or thing makes you happier than anything in the world?

When was the last time you made it a point to enjoy that?

Unconscious unhappiness or discontent can set in quickly and go on unnoticed for as long as we allow it. I call it being in a funk or stuck in a rut. That’s when we need some “me time” to go and do what we love. Something that makes us feel younger or reminds us of great times. Still better, do something new and exciting. I’ve…

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