A look at disabled folk in present day.

As the world (or at least the part that knows that this even exists) observes the International Day of People With Disability on December 3rd, it comes to mind though they even have a date for them, these people who were given a different set of conditions to live their lives in this world are still not exactly respected. I read somewhere that pitying a person is the worst thing you could do for him/her and most of the people with disabilities are still treated with pity; as if they are lower human beings.

Welcome to the newest post of Narrating The Dream, where I will be tonight be talking on the occasion of International Day of People With Disability and what do these people are offered presently.

With all the fight that is going on for the respect towards the people with different way of living, the word ‘disability’ has become almost synonymous to any other word of discrimination. The word ‘disabled’ is now being actively replaced with the word ‘differently-abled’ and I agree (somewhat) with it. While I do agree that the word ‘differently-abled’ is more appropriate, the word ‘disabled’ shouldn’t be imagined as a word to be taken in negative sense. It is just another word that is still quite commonly used for describing these people and isn’t intended (at least not always) to be taken in a mocking or disrespectful manner.

But then, if one compares the word with the term ‘differently-abled’ and I don’t expect to find anyone protesting that differently-abled isn’t much suitable. (Unless, of course, you intend to stick with older words or are just objecting for the sake of objecting.) The word differently-abled implies exactly what it should: being able to do something differently than others. Thus, it appears that much more suitable for the word to describe all those people who live their lives in a manner different than others. The word also has some notable implications as well.

It can be said that a person who is differently-abled would be more creative because he/she already has to be to be able to live in this world as normally as possible. So they would often have to come up with ways to be creative to keep up (and often surpass) the others. Throughout the world, it must not be a difficult observation to make that there are a lot of successful people who can be classified into these categories, thus supporting my theories. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many others who aren’t that successful. (I’m so getting confused here.)

Alright, and to conclude, I would just like to say that while differently-abled can have both the dark clouds hiding the bright sun as well as the silver linings upon them, it never means that they are inferior or anything like that. You need not be ‘normal’ in terms of physical body to be amazing, you just need to be the curious, imaginative (and other such qualities of successful people).

And if you still have a hard time of being able to think of one successful yet differently-abled person, think of what the following keywords have in common. (The answer’s in the tags if you can’t remember.)

A Brief History of Time. On The Shoulder of Giants. Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays.


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