Storytelling, Slowed Down: On Writing Vertically

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The Daily Post

In a recent piece at The Millions, Nick Ripatrazone writes about the gestation of ideas and vertical writing, or the process of slowing down and digging deeper when writing a story. He describes the process of Andre Dubus, who writes an idea in a notebook, then leaves it alone for as long as it needs to ripen. Dubus doesn’t think about a story — “I will kill the story by controlling it,” he says.

But Dubus’ process wasn’t always this way: before, he planned his plots, forced his characters to do things, wrote a lot of words, and went through too many drafts. This is horizontal writing: a focus on the daily sessions, the revisions, and the amassment of pages and words. Ripatrazone talks about the difference between horizontal and vertical writing:

Vertical writing, in contrast, values depth over breadth. Stories are written when they are ready to…

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Conscious or Unconscious

This can be one answer to my last post. A very well written post.

Inspire Blog

I see you being very happy and contented with your life in the very near future. You’ve probably heard that happiness is a conscious decision that can be made at anytime. I think there’s some truth in this, however happiness is an emotion not a thought. I believe that adjusting what you’re thinking about can create happiness and contentment.

What activity, treat, or thing makes you happier than anything in the world?

When was the last time you made it a point to enjoy that?

Unconscious unhappiness or discontent can set in quickly and go on unnoticed for as long as we allow it. I call it being in a funk or stuck in a rut. That’s when we need some “me time” to go and do what we love. Something that makes us feel younger or reminds us of great times. Still better, do something new and exciting. I’ve…

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Broken Act of Balancing

There are three kinds of people when it comes to behaviour and attitude. The good guys, the considerate ones who are always looking after others but not falling from grace either. Then there are the bad guys, who have the devil-may-care attitude. These may hide what they truly are within but most of their actions are driven by this attitude. And then there are the in-betweeners. These are the folk who carry out the fine balancing act between the two ends. These people think for the general welfare but don’t mind getting their hands dirty in doling out vengeances. Did I get them right? No. Well, not exactly.

Welcome to this newest post of Narrating The Dream and this time, I am going to talk about the act of balancing our selfish desires and concern for general welfare… and how terribly wrong it has all gone for most of us. Continue reading

Story Idea: Broken Spirits

This one is actually two part story, since it will be considering both a male and a female protagonists with unrelated storylines.


“Life is so perfect for most of us. We are the entitled bunch, who never feel like something wrong can ever happen to us. Until it does.

And then, all that is left behind is a broken and damaged replica of your former self. You are consoled that you made it through the worst. That you are so strong for getting through the hardest part. But they don’t seem to realize that the hardest part isn’t the physical part. It’s getting over the mental trauma.

You lie. You cry. You try. You do everything you can come up with just to put this behind in your life. To have this nightmare of a chapter of your life be finally done with. But it isn’t that easy. Because no one understands you. Not really. They may have gone through their own journeys and succeeded but that is no guarantee that you will as well.To move on is like cutting away a part of yourself: So painful that it is nearly impossible.

So how do you heal, knowing that even healing won’t really change anything?”


“They say that crying is for sissies. That only people without a backbone are the one who cry. I was not one of them. I am now.

Everything has changed. Even I am not the same anymore.

These memories are eating away at my mind, making it see things and people who are no longer there. It feels like I have been separated from the world because while it walks ahead on its usual unaffected path, I am paralyzed and unable to join them all.

There is a strange fear within me, haunting my every thought and penetrating my every action with its poisonous influence. I am second-guessing things I was so proud of.

I feel broken, used and rejected. Others try but no one else understands truly. I can pretend to be alive but all I feel now is that what remains is the shell of what I used to be. I want to heal, but I don’t know how.

What do I do?”

The first is for the girl’s POV and the second is for boy’s POV. I am still working out some details but what do you think?

A look at disabled folk in present day.

As the world (or at least the part that knows that this even exists) observes the International Day of People With Disability on December 3rd, it comes to mind though they even have a date for them, these people who were given a different set of conditions to live their lives in this world are still not exactly respected. I read somewhere that pitying a person is the worst thing you could do for him/her and most of the people with disabilities are still treated with pity; as if they are lower human beings.

Welcome to the newest post of Narrating The Dream, where I will be tonight be talking on the occasion of International Day of People With Disability and what do these people are offered presently. Continue reading