From the sounds of silence

“The silence was deafening.” Logic states that the sentence is a paradox since the lack of noise cannot be exactly deafening. But to those who have experienced it, with the lucky souls among us being able to savor them as well, this statement is as true as the fact that water solidifies to ice.  There is a strange quality that silence possesses that suddenly amplifies every thought we have to a very loud volume. And it is even more so for the deaf, as one might observe when undergoing a partial or momentary deafness due to one reason or another. And in this silence, we often hear things that we ignore otherwise.

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Degree of reliability

To be or not to be… that’s the question.” Well, no longer is that the question when it comes to trust. One of the most common things we all do is meet new people at different points in life. If things turn favourable, they may turn into friends, partners and spouses. They turn into people who we would trust with our lives blindly. But not all people are worthy of that much trust. We often run across people who aren’t really worth that much faith. But this must not be mistaken with taking them absolutely unreliable, for they aren’t that as well. (Well, some may be but I’m trying for a more general case here.) And so the question changes to, “How much to trust exactly?”

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